27 Maksym Kryvonis st. Kyiv

phone: 044 248-79-23

66/7  Verkhnii Val st. Kyiv

phone: 063 237-73-68

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Verkhii Val st.Maksym Kryvonis st

Strip Club Kiev

decent rest for real men

We take care of our guests, and in order for you not to overcome long distances, our men’s clubs are in 2 districts of the city of Kiev – Solomensky and Podol.

Our gentleman’s clubs are famous primarily for their unforgettable atmosphere. In addition to the striptease, each club has a separate karaoke room, a lounge area for private parties, and good cuisine.

You can come here yourself, look at the bar and spend a free evening in a beautiful atmosphere, but our dancer will not let you get bored.

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Звездный носорог лого

66/7  Verkhnii Val st. Kyiv

booking tables by phone:

063 237-73-68


27 Maksym Kryvonis st.

booking tables by phone:

044 248-79-23


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